Monday, December 12, 2011

A Year of Sex

A long time ago my husband (then boyfriend) and I did a collaborative art project called A Year Of Bad Sex. It was an illustrated calendar: I created the stories and layout, G drew cartoon illustrations. Each month memorialized one of my mediocre early sexual encounters--until December, which celebrated Great Sex with him. For some reason, our photocopied creation wasn't a huge seller at the holiday craft fairs we offered it at.

Sometime I'll have to try and recount the embarrassing encounters chronicled in those single-panel sentences compiled for 1997. But today I'm here to recommend a much more arousing and in-depth year of sex - Mia Martina's A Year of Sex: tales from New York City's erotic underground.

The moment I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. Real life tales of New York sex parties? Yes please! And not just vanilla swingers parties, either--kinky dungeon parties where real people live out my fantasies. Yup, that's a must-read.

The book was more than I bargained for. It's not just Mia's straightforward retelling of  experiences that I can only imagine. She also falls deeply and beautifully in love. I found myself a little in love, too, with someone so willing to live life fully and then write it all down.

As part of her online book-tour, Mia has graciously allowed me to post an excerpt here.

We arrive at Carmen’s apartment building, and instead of taking the elevators, we walk through the lobby, turn a corner, and open an unmarked door. The door takes us out of the building to a lush garden courtyard. Wild, hairy plants, trees, and large planters of elephant ears resting among wooden benches greet us. Walking down the pathway, I am struck by a memory of playing hide and seek behind the floppy and slick green leaves of elephant ears in my back yard. Without fail, playing hide and seek would cause my panties to get wet from arousal. I feel my pussy swell and moisten.

The courtyard is fairly dark and secluded, with only a few small lamps lighting the walkway. We make our way to the edge, along a narrow pathway on the side of the building. A metal fence with looped barbed wire rises from a low concrete wall. Carmen sits on the edge of the wall. I place one leg on either side of her; my short skirt is pulled taut. We kiss, and I feel full of energy.

Carmen clutches my ass. “You ready for your spanking?” When I nod yes, Carmen takes my hands and places them on the fence. Holding my breast, she walks behind me and breathes hard against my sticky neck. She raises my skirt and with surprise remarks, “What kind of girl doesn’t wear panties?” I like her question—even though she already knows that I’m not wearing any knickers. She discovered this while stroking me under the table at dinner. But I like any questions that make me admit to being a slut, whore, or pervert.

She asks again, “What kind of girl doesn’t wear panties?”

“A slutty one.”

“That’s right. And what happens to slutty girls?

“They get punished.”

“Very good. Hold tight to the fence, try and keep your dirty mouth shut, and take your spanking like a good girl.”

Gripping the fence, I take her hits. The sound of each blow echoes around the courtyard. I wonder how many people can see us and how many people hear the sound of my ass being spanked. I like the idea of being caught and being called disgusting sinners. Better yet, I like the idea of someone lurking in the garden and joining us in silent masturbation.

Carmen’s words echo my thoughts. “Now the neighbors can see what a dirty whore you are. You like to tease people by showing them your bits when you cross and uncross your legs in public. Tonight, you’ll show them everything.”

From behind, Carmen reaches her hand around to my pussy and splays my lips with her fingers. Her touch tickles my skin. Carmen fondles my labia, mashing her fingers into my wetness. Keeping her fingers on my clit, she continues to spank me. After 50 swats, I want to squirm away and cry out. Carmen senses my need to scream and shoves her wet fingers into my mouth. I bite down. She slaps me and holds my mouth shut with her hand. She clutches me tight and spanks me hard. Then her fingers, hot from the spanking, reach for my pussy. Carmen taps her fingers against my clit and hugs her body against mine. Sweat collects around my jaw line, where our skin makes contact. As I come, she speaks in my ear, “What a good slut. My little pet. I adore you. You sweet dirty whore. You will forever be mine.”

The book is only $4.99 to download. Go get it - you won't regret it!

About Mia—

Mia Martina began recounting her sex-party and open-relationship adventures in the podcast "I Want Your Sex" in March 2008. She recently relocated to Austin, Texas after 10 years in New York City. Mia is the co-founder and producer of BedPost Confessions, an Austin based monthly reading and performance series about sex and sexuality.


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